A versatile and captivating performer, Kym Tuvim built a following in listening rooms, living rooms & festivals across the country, sharing the stage with Susan Werner, Girlyman & Kris Delmhorst, and many others. In 2005, she was voted back for the 2006 'Most Wanted Tour' by the audience at The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in New York.  In 2008, Tuvim took a sabbatical from performing and recording.  2017 brings more live performances, and the commencement of a new album to be released in 2018.


About Nothing Sweet Nothing (2008) :: Nothing Sweet Nothing is the third recording from independent songwriter Kym Tuvim. On the mostly original cross-genre collection, Tuvim travels through roots, folk-pop, jazz, and swampy blues, offering up unguarded observations on the quiet inbetween places where love fails and where it is the saving grace. Of the record, Tuvim says, "Lyrically, the songs were the most truthful and bare that I had written. Musically, they were the most diverse."


Written over 3 years, the songs trace a musical path Tuvim had begun years before when she first discovered her love of jazz and samba while studying music at Cornish College in Seattle. Combined with her singer-songwriter background, and add to it a new found interest in slide guitar, Tuvim brings her smoky, soulful voice to these tunes, tying them together in a lush and lyrical album.


A first time producer, Tuvim assembled an eclectic group of Seattle area musicians and engineers, bringing back old friends like Dan Tyack (Bill Frisell, Tony Levin) on pedal & lap steel and dobro and Jami Sieber (Nina Gerber, Erika Luckett) on cello. To fill out the core band, drummer Chris Stromquist (Kulture Shock, Jovino Santos Neto) and double-bassist, James Whiton (Michael Shrieve, Eric McFadden) came on board, bringing their distinctive voices.


Made over the course of a year in 4 different studios, the recording took some surprising turns. For example, after drummer Stromquist recorded his parts, Tuvim sent him the raw tracks of one song, concerned the direction wasn't right. A few days later, he sent back a new mp3 of the song, 'In My Head'. In his basement rehearsal space, Stromquist had recorded layers of everything from vibes to orchestral bells, piano to electric guitar. He intended it only as a sampling of some ideas, but the result ended up on the final album, with only a few additions.


When Tuvim moved to Evan Schiller's Zulu Studio to record her vocals and mix the record, Tuvim & Schiller, who is also one of the co-producers, held mic shoot-outs to select the microphone that would best capture Tuvim's voice for each song. "I knew within the first moments of hearing Kym on the mic that she is a vocalist with rare presence and quality," says Schiller. Working together, the two played tag team, both in the recording of her voice and in the mixing of the songs. Schiller continues, "On the song 'Mystery', we wanted to get a rich old swampy vibe. Kym doubled her vocals with a modern tube mic and a 1940's RCA mic through an ancient preamp which helped the song have an old school sound."


Already cited by The Performing Songwriter Magazine as a Top 12 D.I.Y. (Dec '07) and selected as an Editor's Pick at CDBaby, Nothing Sweet Nothing is the follow-up to Tuvim's Cake Records release, On The Mend, cited in Acoustic Guitar Magazine as a Top 5 Pick of '03. 

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