Soulful and introspective, Tuvim has a rich, commanding voice.”

Gene Stout, Seattle P.I.

Kym Tuvim's music is so intuitive and deeply felt, so eloquent in its lyrics and so lovely in its musicianship, you just want to strip to the skin and dive in.”

Susan Werner

Seattle-based Tuvim is a rarity in modern folk-pop: a young, moody singer-songwriter truly in touch with the roots of American music. Soul, blues and pop all filter through her husky, knowing voice.”

Dan Gewertz, The Boston Herald

Kym Tuvim has a huge voice, one that fills rooms. It pulls you in the instant you hear it.”

Charles R. Cross

Kym Tuvim's Nothing Sweet nothing short of a perfectly written, produced and performed work of art.”

Laney Goodman, host of Women in Music

Somehow, Kym Tuvim can make a studio of high-tech equipment sound as intimate as a back porch or someone's home...Her three song set on WERS proved that despite the lush instrumentation on her newest album, Nothing, Sweet Nothing, her songs still have the legs to thrive in a stripped down setting. Accompanied by Richard Gates, who offered some of the most subtle yet effective bass work laid to tape, Tuvim laid herself bare through song in the studio with her tales of love and all of its intricacies...It seems that no matter what Kym Tuvim hears, her end result will be nothing short of awesome. ”

— Erik Ziedses des Plantes, WERS 88.9 FM (Boston)

Classically trained and well versed in a variety of genres, Kym Tuvim summons her disparate influences on her excellent third album, tapping into homespun folk, trad jazz, swampy blues and ethereal soundscapes along the way. With a knowing perspective reminiscent of Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell and Aimee Mann, her songs practically seethe with sensuality. Consequently, Nothing Sweet Nothing offers an instant connection, from the easy, loping "Pendulum" to a skittish, spirited "Birdsong."  Even when she settles into a slow, measured drift (as in the case of the easy duo "Reach" and "Reservoir") or frays things around the fringes (a tack she takes on the tangled twosome "Mystery" and "Skin Muscle Bone"), Tuvim maintains an open embrace. Ultimately, Nothing Sweet Nothing is nothing if not delightful.”

Lee Zimmerman, The Performing Songwriter Magazine, Top 12 DIY

The songs on Tuvim's new record Nothing, Sweet Nothing are intimate, haunting and go straight to the heart.”

Meg Hutchinson, Songwriter/Red House Recording Artist

Kym Tuvim continues the blues streak with her latest "Nothing Sweet Nothing" (Retrofit). Pedal and lap steel guitars figure prominently on a number of the tracks. But even more essential is Tuvim's rich and hearty voice, one that is custom-made for singing her blue-tinged compositions. Among the more irresistible originals are the swaying "Pendulum," the airy "In My Head," the deep "Flood" and the piano and vocal of "Reservoir."  Tuvim's lovely reinvention of "The More I See You" will make you want to listen to it more.”

Gregg Shapiro, Chicago Free Press

We first caught Kym Tuvim opening for Tish Hinojosa at the Tractor a couple of years ago, and were so spellbound with her soulful observational songs that we tucked her name away in our memory and vowed to pay more attention to her career. Since then, of course, she's been locked up in a studio working on a follow-up record to her 2003 release On the Mend.The result of those couple of years of work is Nothing Sweet Nothing, where she furthers her musical journey with another collection of lovely, exquisitely well-arranged tunes that call to mind artists like Kris Delmhorst and Catie Curtis.”